picture of Swann SmithI’m Swann Smith, a contemporary representational artist. I enjoy painting romanticized and surreal environments where the language of classical art has been juxtaposed with contemporary subjects.

To create my art, I work in the classical tradition of deliberatively building up oil paint in multiple layers. This method produces a solidity and polish to the surface of the final painting, while the varying opacity between layers can create interesting effects. I prefer painting on wood panels, as opposed to canvas, because I feel that the rigid support allows me better control of the medium.

Artistically, I have been influenced by classical Greek and Roman art, Renaissance art, Neoclassicism, and Surrealism.

Where I’ve Been

Born and raised in colorful Colorado, I went on to graduate from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York where I studied illustration and anatomy.

For inspiration (and fun), I often wander through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park and Bronx Zoos, and New York Aquarium.

To learn more, contact me.