Sacred and Profane: painting in progress update

During the past week, I have blocked in the colors for all the objects in my still life (you can see from the detail above that the brushwork remains rough).

stage 2 of the painting process

stage 2 of the painting process

One of the choices I made for the painting was to include a leash to fill out the composition; to thematically bind the male torso and the dog; and to censor the torso’s genitalia in its reflection (does this suggest that the torso is the profane obejct? Possibly. It’s for you to decide). The dark black is also a counterpoint to the lightness of the overall painting and grounds the composition. I’m aiming to achieve a rich black like the one’s found in the paintings of Renoir, one of my favorite impressionist painters.

The next time you check back to watch the painting’s progress, I will be showing you the final painting with value shifts refined and the painting’s surface polished.

What do you think?

I appreciate your thoughts and constructive criticisms.

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