San Marco Horses: painting in progress update 4

As progress continues on the San Marco Horses painting, I thought I would discuss one of my artistic idiosyncrasies with you.

stage 3 of painting

stage 3 of painting

The most noticeable difference to the painting this time is that the horses have been painted in their base bronze color (layers of green patina are to follow). I tend to paint in small, manageable sections (e.g., a horse’s tail, leg, neck, etc.) from right to left (since I’m left handed and I don’t want to accidently smudge paint). I first paint the shadow areas and then move into light areas to sculpt the form.

As writers are advised to establish a flow of putting their ideas down on paper before coming back to make edits, I paint each section of an object, then come back later to edit those “What was I thinking?” areas.

The next time you check back to watch the painting’s progress, I plan to show you the completed painting.

What do you think?

I appreciate your thoughts and constructive criticisms.

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