San Marco Horses: painting in progress update

This week I completed rough color sketches for the San Marco Horses painting. During this phase in the painting process, you begin to see the patina on the bronze horses. This will be the main star of the final painting and I am looking forward to the challenge of rendering it.

So why do I create color sketches? It allows me to test various color options before proceeding to the final painting. From the color sketches shown below, the one on the lower right comes closest to meeting my color scheme vision. 

San Marco Horses color sketch

color sketch

In the next phase, I will combine the chosen color sketch elements with fully rendered forms (which was explored during the preparatory drawing phase shown below) to create a final painting.
San Marco Horses drawing

graphite, heightened with white, on toned paper. 11.2 x 14 inches.

What do you think?

I appreciate your thoughts and constructive criticisms.

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